How to put .mobi files onto the Kindle App

I searched on Google and most, if not all, of the sites that came up said that it was impossible to put .mobi files onto the Kindle App unless those files were downloaded from Kindle or Amazon themselves. I was greatly disappointed to hear this and kept searching and searching but to no avail…Then I finally got an iPad (I was less inclined to keep looking before, because I only had an iTouch and that small screen made it depressing to read anything on there, especially an extremely long book) and I was determined to get books onto this new piece of technology I now own in my hands.

The Common Method (from what can be found on any simple Google search relating to this topic)

From what I read online, most of the suggestions said to convert said .mobi files into .epub files and read from the iBooks app. This method works quite well. I believe there are plenty of programs you can find for free that would be able to do this job quickly and efficiently. I personally have been using Calibre, which can convert .mobi files to .epub as well as dozens of other file extensions (that I did not try and learn, because it wasn’t part of my interest). It is safe and free, from what I have experienced so far.

Putting them onto whatever you’re reading with (in my instance, my iPad) is simple. You would either connect your device onto your computer and open up iTunes (or whichever program you need to use for your device) and drag and drop the files onto your device.

The second option would be to email the files to yourself after converting them, download and click the option to open them in the iBooks app.

The Second Method (the one I figured out on my own, from deductive reasoning)

When I read that you could just email the files to yourself (with the .epub files from the first method) and then click the option to open the file in iBooks, I thought to myself, “Maybe you can do that with .mobi files!” And so I tried, and it worked like a charm. So to those who prefer using the Kindle app for all your reading capabilities, then this method is the right one for you!

I hope this helped anyone who was as frustrated as I was.~


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